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Friends of the Pullman State Historic Site :: Archives

Family on Front Porch, Champlain Avenue, Ca. 1900

Our archives

We are proud of our continuing efforts to support and build upon efforts that have established a comprehensive archive of information about Pullman. The archives consist of two main parts.

The House History Project. The PHHP consists of more than 41,000 records in the system, consisting of the 1883 and 1889 city directories, the 1900-1940 censuses, the 1894 Tribune strike canvass, and the 1916 phone book. In addition to the PHHP records, the records also tie into the Fa├žade program records as well as the PIN number driven database of house images.

A catalog of online images. There are more than 7,800 records and images online at http://www.pullman-museum.org/catalog/. Most of these records have been entered by volunteers. We are in the process of moving these records to a new platform to increase their availability.

We would like to build a permanent, conditioned space for the housing of our archives. We hope to make this dream a reality.

How you can help

Become a part of something wonderful-- support us here by joining the Friends group. Your tax-deductible membership fee helps us to support this internationally recognized historic site.

11111 S. Forrestville Ave., Chicago, IL 60628  |  872-216-4858 |  friendsofpshs at gmail.com