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Bridges -Calumet River Railroad Bridges

View toward SW of multiple railroad bridges crossing Calumet River at about 98th Street. In foreground is B&O RR single-leaf bascule bridge. Beyond B&O are four lift bridges. Next two were built for the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern RR (later New York Central). Last two were built for Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago RR (later Penn. RR). c1918

Subject: SCH_Waterways,_Calumet_River; SCH_Transportation; SCH_Industry,_Railroads; SCH_Bridges; Format: Photograph (all forms)

Waterways - Calumet River at 92nd Street

View of Calumet River looking SE toward Ewing Avenue. Railroad tracks at left are EJ&E railroad which crossed Calumet River into South Works. 92nd Street crosses Calumet river at right on the photo. Turning Basin No. 1 is in distance beyond the bridge. c1918

Subject: SCH_Waterways,_Calumet_River; SCH_Transportation; SCH_Industry,_Railroads; SCH_East_Side; SCH_Bridges; Format: Photograph (all forms)

Wisconsin Steel - Plat map Oct 1, 1967

Plat showing standard and narrow gauge tracks on Wisconsin Steel Works property from 99th Street to 114th Street October 1, 1967. Also includes chart of acreage of land owned by Wisconsin Steel Works.

Subject: SCH_South_Deering; Wisconsin_Steel; SCH_Industry,_Railroads; Format: Map


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