Pullman State Historic Site

Hotel Florence and Gardens, ca. 1890

Theatre Hikes

Come gather family and friends and join us for another fun season of unique plays by our friends, Theatre-Hikes! This year's productions in Pullman include Alice in Wonderland and Resurrected. The Theatre-Hikes company always provide an entertaining and fun experience when they come to Pullman... we hope you will come out and support them again this year. Tickets and reservations will be available shortly at 872-202-4963 or www.theatre-hikes.org.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice, a young girl, sees a rabbit with a vest and a watch seemingly talking to itself and she runs off after it. Not too long later she finds herself falling endlessly down a rabbit hole as her journey through wonderland begins.

This script by The Manhattan Project is a tour de force of 6 actors. One actress plays Alice, the others create the world around her. AUGUST 9 & 10 at 1:00 p.m.


Resurrected focuses on 5 famous Chicago scary tales, Resurrection Mary, Devil Baby of Hull House, Julia Petta, the Italian Bride, Francis Levy's Handprint all held together by the Wynekoop Murder investigation, with audience participation.

Book by Mike Manship; Music by David Kornfeld; Directed by Raphael Schwartzman

Free parking is available onsite. For additional information, please call 773-660-2341.

National Park Service's Survey on Pullman

The National Park Service just released a report concluding that Pullman should become the newest National Park! Have a look:

Pullman Factory Tours

Our 2014 Sunday Tour Season will be starting soon! We will begin our First and Third Sunday Guided Tours of the Pullman Factory Site on May 4 at 11:30 a.m. and continue every first and third Sunday thru the first Sunday of November. We meet at the Factory Gates at 610 E. 111th Street. Wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather! See you then! Contact: sleepingcars at sbcglobal.net

Visiting Hours

The Hotel Florence at the Pullman State Historic Site is undergoing renovation, and is currently closed for tours. LIMITED tours are available of the Pullman Factory Complex.

Call for information: 773.660.2341

Construction Progress on the Hotel Florence

Construction Update

The Pullman State Historic Site

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