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The Industrial Heritage Archive of Chicago's Calumet Region is an online museum of images that commemorates and celebrates the historic industries and workers of Chicago's Calumet Region. The steel, coke, and transportation industries of this region were instrumental in the early development of American industry and its growth throughout the twentieth century. With the loss of these historic industries, we hope to promote and provide an easily accessible means to the public of understanding our country's industrial growth, the evolution of that history, and its importance and relevance in today's technological world.

The Pullman State Historic Site, the Southeast Chicago Historical Society, and the Calumet Heritage Partnership (Chicago Steel Heritage Project) have joined together to create this Industrial Heritage Archive. Our intent is to preserve and make available to the public the historic images, maps, and plans of the Calumet regions' factories, structures, equipment, and workers. We hope this will help to educate future generations about the development of regional transportation and the heavy industries of communities such as South Chicago, South Deering, Riverdale, the East Side, Roseland, Pullman, and Hegewisch. In today's world, so few of these historical industrial sites still exist or remain viable industries that many children today will grow up never seeing an operating steel mill or manufacturing plant, or knowing workers who have manned an assembly line or taken part in the industries that enabled our country to grow and prosper throughout the twentieth century. The collection, preservation, documentation, and dissemination of these archives form a priceless link between our past, present and future.

The Industrial Heritage Archive of Chicago's Calumet Region will continue to grow as further collections become available. If you know of materials of interest to our archives, please feel free to contact one of our groups. Contact information can be found on each section of the archive.

The Industrial Heritage Archive of Chicago's Calumet Region was made possible by a Library Services and Technology Act grant administered by the Illinois State Library.



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