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About the Pullman State Historic Site

The Bertha Ludlam Archives at the Pullman State Historic Site are currently housed at the Hotel Florence in Chicago's Pullman Historic District. The archives cover the history of George Pullman's Town and Pullman Palace Car Factory site as well as the history of neighboring Roseland, West Pullman, and other local communities. The broader regional history of Chicago's far south and southeast side is also represented in the collection.

Images selected for the Pullman section of the Industrial Heritage Archives include hundreds of images of George Pullman and his family, the Town of Pullman and its inhabitants, the various Pullman factory buildings, and the numerous incarnations of the Pullman Palace Car Company from its inception to its demise. Most of these images were drawn from three major collection holdings - The Pullman Research Group, the Frank Beberdick Collection, and the Andrew Bullen Collection.





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