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The Southeast Chicago Historical Museum (SECHM), officially named the James P. Fitzgibbons Memorial Museum, is dedicated to collecting materials and preserving the histories of the Chicago communities of South Chicago, East Side, South Deering, and Hegewisch. The Museum is housed in the Calumet Park Field House at 9801 S. Avenue G in the city of Chicago.

The collection includes most of the materials collected during the NEH funded Southeast Chicago Historical Project. This project studied the history of Chicago's Southeast Side in the early 1980's. The Museum has also accumulated a rich collection of historical materials from the donations of community residents as well as projects and exhibits which have been prepared by area students. The Museum collections are particularly strong in materials related to the steel industry on the southeast side of Chicago and labor history. The Museum also has a rich collection of photographs and other materials related to the commerce, industry, schools, churches, families, and social and ethnic organizations of the area. The Southeast Chicago Historical Museum is maintained by the Southeast Chicago Historical Society (originally named the East Side Historical Society).

The Industrial Heritage Archives include over one thousand images from the collections of the SECHM. These images focus on industries in the Calumet region other than Pullman and Acme / Interlake Steel. These industries include several major steel mills including U. S. Steel, Wisconsin Steel, Republic Steel, Youngstown Steel and Pressed Steel. Materials from other area industries such as General Mills, the State Line Generating Station, and local shipyards are also included. Labor activities, especially the Memorial Day Massacre of 1937, related to these industries and items from local millgate communities including South Chicago, South Deering, the East Side and Hegewisch are also included. The project gives us an opportunity to highlight materials in our collections that have not previously been well publicized as well as making these materials accessible to the public on-line without having to come to our museum during our very limited public hours.
Materials from the Southeast Chicago Historical Museum in the Industrial Heritage Archives are organized into the following subjects:

Southeast Communities Steel Mills Other Industries Labor History Transportation
East Side Acme Steel Chicago Steel & Wire USWA Local 65 Bridges
Hegewisch Pressed Steel Ford Motor Company USWA Local 1033 Shipyards
South Chicago Republic Steel General Mills Memorial Day Massacre Railroads
South Deering U. S. Steel Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Progressive Steel Workers Uniion Waterways
Street Scenes Wisconsin Steel Shipyards    
  Youngstown Steel State Line Generating Station    
    Valley Mould & Iron    




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