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Daughter-in-Law of Lincoln dies in capital at 90

Newspaper article describing the life of Mary Harlan Lincoln.

Subject: Chicago_History; Historic_Reference; Illinois_History; Memorials; Format: Printed Materials -- Periodicals

Interesting Things About Pullman, Past and Present

Collection of essays. Topics include columns from Pullman Flyer, Roseland American Legion Post 49er, Daily Southtown and Roseland Pullman Sports Hall of Fame. 22 pages, plus 4 copies of cover page.

Subject: Chicago_History; Historic_Reference; Kensington; Memorials; Organizations_--_Pullman_Civic_Organization; Organizations_--_Pullman_Improvement_Association; Pullman_(General); Pullman_People; Roseland_Community; Sports; War_Memorial; Format: Printed Materials - Publications

Interesting Things... 2000-2003

Series of essays and anecdotes relating to the social history of Pullman, for publication in the Pullman Flyer. Typed original and draft copies, some with photos and banner layout.

Subject: World_War_II; World_War_I; War_Memorial; Victorian_Era_-_general; The_Snow_Cruiser; Regional; Reference; Pullman_Water_Tower; Pullman_Train_Cars; Pullman_Town; Pullman_People; Pullman_Landscape_Design; Pullman_Labor_History; Pullman_Houses; Pullman_Family; Pullman_1998_Factory_Fire; Pullman_-_Post_1975; Pullman_(General); Organizations_--_Pullman_Improvement_Association; Organizations_--_Pullman_Civic_Organization; Organizations_--_Other; Organizations_--_Historic_Pullman_Foundation; Memorials; Lake_Calumet; Labor_History,_other; Illinois_History; Hotel_Florence_History; Historic_Reference; General/Misc.; Factory_Site; Chicago_History; Beman,_Solon_Spencer; Barrett,_Nathan_Franklin; Architecture; Arcade_Building; Administration_Building; Format: Printed Materials - Other

Memorial Parkway Will Be Dedicated To Pullman Heroes

Article from March 29,1950 South End Reporter describing the War Memorial installation at the Geo. Pullman School.

Subject: Chicago_History; Memorials; Organizations_--_Pullman_Civic_Organization; Pullman_Schools; War_Memorial; World_War_II; Format: Printed Materials -- Periodicals

Pullman Beautiful (Nice Things About Pullman Past and Present)

Typed original. Topic: the discovery of the 1896 Prague plaque.

Subject: Historic_Reference; Memorials; Pullman_(General); Pullman_Abroad; Pullman_Town; Format: Printed Materials -- Periodicals

Pullman Park needs Congress'support

Article regarding creating a National Park at Historic Pullman.

Subject: General/Misc.; Memorials; Organizations_--_Other; Preservation/_Architecture_(General); Pullman_(General); Format: Printed Materials -- Periodicals

Pullman War Memorial, file of documents

File of documents relating to the placing of a monument to 14 servicemen from Pullman who died in World War II. File includes handwritten chronology of the process from April 1949 to May 1950; the monument was dedicated on May 21, 1950. Also included is correspondence with vendors, work orders, invoices, etc. and short biographies of the servicemen honored. Documents are originals and photocopies.

Subject: Chicago_History; Historic_Reference; Memorials; Organizations_--_Pullman_Civic_Organization; Pullman_People; War_Memorial; World_War_II; Format: Printed Materials - Other

Roseland Man Celebrates 25th... Of 101st Div.'s Liberation of ...

Second page of article by same title, including Photograph of Harry Miller with caption.

Subject: World_War_II; War_Memorial; Roseland_Community; Pullman_People; Military_-_other; Memorials; Historic_Reference; Chicago_History; Format: Printed Materials -- Periodicals

Roseland Man Celebrates Anniversary of 101st Airborne's Liberation of Netherlands

Subject: Roseland_Community; Pullman_People; Military_-_other; Memorials; Illinois_History; Historic_Reference; General/Misc.; Chicago_History; War_Memorial; World_War_II; Format: Printed Materials -- Periodicals

Veteran's Day Ceremony

Veteran's Day program booklet for ceremony on Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at the War Monument at Pullman Elementary School.

Subject: Memorials; Pullman_People; Pullman_Town; Format: Printed Materials - Other


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