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Market Hall

The first Market Hall was a two-story structure containing a lunch counter and sixteen stalls for the sale of fresh meats and vegetables. The second floor housed a meeting hall that could accommodate 600 persons. The structure was gutted by fire in 1892.

The Broadhead Meat Market
The Broadhead Meat Market in the Market Hall, ca. 1890

The second Market Hall was constructed on the same site in 1893 and was three stories high. The Circle Buildings each containing three apartments were added at the same time. These new buildings, with their graceful colonnades and arches, were constructed to better define and enhance the square. The new Market Hall contained twelve stalls on the first floor, and an assembly hall with stage on the second floor. The third floor held rooms for lodge meetings etc. After another fire in 1931, the upper half of the building was removed, and the lower half was occupied by a grocery and tavern until it was finally demolished by fire again in 1974.

The 2nd Market Hall
The Second Market Hall, ca. 1900


11111 S. Forrestville Avenue
Chicago, IL 60628

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