Format Photographic Materials

111th Street


Subject: Pullman_Town; Format: Photographic Materials

113th And Champlain

Subject: Pullman_Houses; Format: Photographic Materials

Beman - John S. Runnells Residence, 1896

Color Photograph of the Runnells house at 1525 N. State Parkway in Chicago. This refined roman brick and stone house is the epitome of elegance. Far from the fussy Queen Anne and elaborate French Chateau styles Beman had been creating for clients, here he mixes classical features with a premonition of prairie school details. In 1911 John Runnells was elected President of the Pullman Company when Robert Todd Lincoln resigned. He had been with the company since 1888, served as President of the Roseland State Bank in 1909, and remained President of the Pullman Company until 1922. "Solon S. Beman: Architecture in Illinois" exhibit.

Subject: ; Architecture; Beman,_Solon_Spencer; Format: Photographic Materials

Children with Little Oscar

Little Oscar was the representative for Oscar Meyer Weiners, who drove around to visit neighborhoods in his Weinermobile - a vehicle shaped like a hot dog - to advertise the product. The photo pictures Little Oscar with children in front of Louie's Supermarket at 115th and Harvard. 1954

Subject: Roseland_Community; Format: Photographic Materials

Factory Etching 1887

Erecting shops and offices shown in etching from 1887.

Subject: Factory_Site; Format: Photographic Materials

Houses for Pullman Palace Car Company

Houses for Pullman Palace Car Company. Photograph of "office original" architectural drawing. Sheet G, Block R (the south side of 113th east of Cottage Grove) showing north elevation of house at 11301 South Cottage Grove and brick wall extending each to arch over alley. This is the only architectural drawing of a Beman-designed arch - several were built in Pullman over alleys between Champlain and Langley on 112th. The City of Chicago demolished three arches in the 1960s when new large garbage trucks came into use. This is a "working drawing" with windown dimentions.

Subject: Pullman_Houses; Format: Photographic Materials

Men Raising Ladder

Black and white photograph of men raising a tall ladder in the street. Horse and cart passing by

Subject: Pullman_(General); Format: Photographic Materials

Negative of Pullman Smokestack Being Taken Down

1957 black & white negative of a factory smokestack being taken down.

Subject: Factory_Site; Historic_Reference; Photography_-_Misc._vintage; Pullman_Water_Tower; Reference; Format: Photographic Materials

Parade Viewers on Michigan Avenue

Black and white photograph with the backs of people watching a passing parade. Two Men on roof, and man in store window

Subject: Roseland_Community; Format: Photographic Materials

Photographs from the Smithsonian Institution, Division of Transportation

Video disk containing thousands of images of train cars, Pullman and others. For research purposes only. Not to be reproduced without permission.

Subject: ; Rail_Travel_-_Other; Format: Photographic Materials

Pullman Factory - Sample Testing

Two (2) black and white photographic negatives and one (1) envelope sleeve with notations. Negatives show Paint/finish samples being exposed to the elements. Metal utility shed and masonry industrial building with cleretore windows in background. Location unknown. 8 x 10. 1936. Photographer James P. Van Vorst. Acquired from Pullman Standard by South Suburban Genealogical Historical Society c. 1957, deaccessioned to Newberry Library, deaccessioned to Frank Beberdick.

Subject: ; Pullman_Standard_Car_Mfg_Company; Format: Photographic Materials

Pullman Factory Fire

Proof sheet and negatives taken by Paul Petraitis on the day after the 1998 Factory Fire at the Clocktower.

Subject: Administration_Building; Factory_Site; Pullman_1998_Factory_Fire; Format: Photographic Materials

Pullman School

Original school built south of the Casino building on Cottage Grove. View of School and streetscape including arched wall along 113th Street.

Subject: Pullman_Schools; Format: Photographic Materials

Pullman Standard Boxcar Lot 9691

2 builders photos, dated 10-1973,logo NW 281-400.

Subject: Pullman_Standard_Car_Manufacturing_Company; Pullman_Train_Cars; Format: Photographic Materials

Pullman Standard Covered Hopper Car Lot 5626B

Builder’s photos of boxcar 5626B, logos Seaboard 8049 and VGN 3800, dated September 1940. Stamped on reverse, “Built by Pullman-Standard Car Mfg. Company Chicago.” Additional images available for viewing in the Bertha Ludlam Library at the Hotel Florence.

Subject: Pullman_Standard_Car_Manufacturing_Company; Pullman_Train_Cars; Format: Photographic Materials

Pullman Standard Hammond Plant WWII Production Photo Album Cover

Pullman-Standard Car Mfg. Co. Hammond Plant photo album cover. Sixty-four images were bound in this album titled "155 MM Gun." Undated

Subject: Pullman_Standard_Car_Manufacturing_Company; Pullman_Train_Cars; Format: Photographic Materials

Pullman Standard Window Frames

Eight photographs of window frames for train cars.

Subject: Pullman_Standard_Car_Manufacturing_Company; Pullman_Train_Cars; Format: Photographic Materials


Red three-ring binder consisting of photographs, newspaper clippings, magazine articles,etc. about Pullman and items relating to Pullman.

Subject: Chicago_History; General/Misc.; Historic_Reference; Illinois_History; Organizations_--_Historic_Pullman_Foundation; Organizations_--_Other; Organizations_--_Pullman_Civic_Organization; Photography_-_Misc._vintage; Preservation/_Architecture_(General); Pullman_(General); Pullman_Houses; Pullman_People; Pullman_Town; Reference; Regional; Roseland_Community; Format: Photographic Materials

Sleeping Car Interior

Sleeping car being prepared, 1908. Two woman workers put cases on pillows.

Subject: Pullman_Workers; Pullman_Train_Cars; Format: Photographic Materials

The Broadhead Meat Market

Business located in the Market Hall, late 19th century.

Subject: Market_Hall; Format: Photographic Materials

Water Tower Fire And Chimney Collapse

Subject: Pullman_Water_Tower; Format: Photographic Materials



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